Our Books

We look for books with a concise, compelling, transformative message designed to inspire individuals to grow and improve in every dimension of their lives: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

We do not accept proposals for pamphlets; poetry; collections of homilies, essays, blog posts, or columns; private revelations; memoirs; academic or theological studies; art books; or encyclopedias. At this time, we are seeking nonfiction proposals only—not fiction or children’s books.

We encourage our authors to write in a contemporary, conversational style, using anecdotes and examples that are practical and personally relevant for today’s reader.

How to Submit Your Book Proposal

Beacon Publishing only reviews submissions sent to us electronically. Mailed submissions will not be returned. Please follow the instructions below.

Upon receipt of your proposal, we will send you a response within sixty days. We would appreciate knowing if your proposal is being simultaneously submitted to other publishers.

If we decide to decline your proposal, please note that it is not our policy to provide specific feedback, recommendations, or referrals.
We will notify you regardless of our decision—please do not call or email to check on the status of your proposal.

We do not accept responsibility for lost manuscripts, and we do not return unsolicited manuscripts or books. Please download our Beacon Book Proposal Form and forward all submissions to

Thank you for your interest in Beacon Publishing!