Mike Monahan

Mike MonahanMy passion is to be a resource for people who are serious about being professionals at living. You can see how I do this at www.MikeMonahan.com. I believe that each of us experiences defining moments in life. And it’s up to us to seize the opportunity in those moments or let them pass us by. In Fall 2013, I retired from my 19-year tenure as CEO/executive director and facilitator for Life Success Seminars Inc., a Cincinnati-based nonprofit that empowers people to make positive life changes. Why? It was time for me to dedicate myself to doing what I love, which is being a resource to others through writing, coaching and speaking.

It’s time for my message to reach more people. Building on my 25-year history in the personal-development field and my work with thousands of people, I focus on energizing and inspiring individuals to think differently and take action. Through my writing, coaching, and speaking, I’m blessed to help people remove self-imposed blocks and connect the dots in their lives. This allows each person to use their unique abilities to accomplish their goals and dreams.

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