Trent Beattie

Trent BeattieTrent Beattie is a Catholic author and journalist best known for his interviews with leading Catholic sports figures, including MLB All-Star Mike Sweeney and NFL All-Pro Philip Rivers. Although Beattie grew up attending Catholic schools, it wasn’t until college that he came to understand the Church and its teachings.

At the University of Washington—a secular school—Beattie discovered some of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s writings, including his autobiography, Treasure in Clay. Beattie was impressed with the great 20th-century teacher’s keen perception of human nature and his ability to explain his insights in very clear terms. In an effort to introduce the people of today to Sheen, Beattie assembled the concise and easy-to-read book Finding True Happiness, a collection of the archbishop’s wisdom on the fascinating truths of contentment.

In 2015 a collection of Beattie’s interviews with the top Catholic athletes and coaches in the world was published under the title Fit for Heaven. In this volume, participants in the World Series, Super Bowl and Olympic games explain the importance of Catholicism in their lives. Also included are prayers for athletes, papal quotes on athletics, and saints who are good patrons for athletes.

Beattie’s other titles include Saint Alphonsus Liguori for Every Day and Scruples and Sainthood: Accepting and Overcoming Scrupulosity with the Help of the Saints. In addition to books, Beattie has written numerous articles for publications such as Catholic Digest, Latin Mass Magazine, Inside the Vatican and the National Catholic Register.

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