Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor

Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor

by Allen Hunt

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Tens of thousands of American adults join the Catholic Church every year. Why? What is it that attracts them to Catholicism? In Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor, Allen Hunt unveils the treasures of Catholicism that many life-long Catholics are simply unaware of. At the same time he demonstrates the genius of Catholicism and encourages us to move beyond taking our faith for granted.

With a personal touch that is profound and disarming, Hunt takes his readers on a journey that is sure to change the way we experience our faith. At a time when so many are disillusioned about where the Catholic Church is and where it is going, Allen Hunt brilliantly reminds us that personal holiness is the key to the bigger future God wants to leads us to both as individuals and together as a Church.


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3 reviews for Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor

  1. Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory – Archbishop of Atlanta

    A moving story of one man’s experience of conversion.

  2. Patrick Lencioni, New York Times bestselling author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family

    This is such a powerful book! It is a raw, honest and moving story that has deepened my faith and my love for the Church, and from a perspective I could never had imagined. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to know what it really means to be Catholic.

  3. Very Rev. Steven C. Boguslawski, O.P. President, The Pontifical Faculty of Theology of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC

    This powerful book will be a gift for all who read it. A very engaging, moving and helpful account of one man’s life transformation and how it can inspire all of us.

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