Cyrus, Prince of Persia: A Novel

Cyrus, Prince of Persia: A Novel

by Alexander Jovy

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Enter the enthralling world of Ancient Persia-the world’s first great empire-and experience the life and times of Cyrus the Great.

Blending fact with fiction, this novel will introduce you to the visionary leader whose heroism and strength of character won the loyalty of his subjects as well as the hearts of two extraordinary women: the beautiful warrior Roxana and the exquisite Cassadane.

Cyrus was a fearless military leader, strategically adding ancient Lydia and the fabled city of Babylon—the richest city in the world—to his conquests. He freed forty thousand Jews from their plight as slaves and allowed them to return to their homeland. A visionary who was far ahead of his time, he built his empire on the foundation of religious tolerance and created a society where people of different backgrounds and cultures could live together in peace and harmony.

After many years spent researching the life of this fascinating ancient king, critically acclaimed film director Alexander Jovy has created an imaginative historical novel that is full of action, passion, mystery, tragedy, and heroic virtue.


Hardcover — $24.95 — 9781635820423