What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

by Fr. John Waiss

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Will I ever see my deceased loved ones again? What about my pets? If God is love, how could he create hell? ese are just some of the questions we all ask, and they all boil down to one: What really happens when we die?

If you think religion is full of outdated, superstitious, or silly an- swers, think again. Fr. John Waiss shows us that the Bible gives a rich, challenging, and beautiful vision of what to expect from the life to come. Sure, death will always be a mystery. But you might be surprised at just how much the Bible tells us… and at just how much sense it makes.

What Happens When You Die? is a book for anyone who longs to understand the universal questions of life and death, heaven and hell. It promises peace and assurance, even as we confront the unknown.


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