Praying With a Pen

Praying With a Pen

by Mary Beth Weisenburger

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Dynamic Catholic

Would you like to become comfortable with conversing with God one-on-one, informally and intimately? Would you like to hear quiet, gentle answers to your prayers and petitions, your worries and anxieties, your deepest dreams and desires?

Author Mary Beth Weisenburger shows how you can do just that–through prayer journaling. By praying with a pen, she discovered an arms-wide-open God, one who quietly listened and lovingly responded to her, day after day. And she promises that he’ll do the same for you.

Show up on the page with a pen in hand, and he will meet you there. In fact, he’s already there, waiting for you. He has been calling you and is delighted that you want to spend quiet time with him. Don’t keep him waiting.


Softcover — $14.95 — 9781929266487
eBook — $9.99 — 9781929266494