Save Your Soul: Work in Advertising

Save Your Soul: Work in Advertising

by Richard Wise

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At a time when advertising (and its related fields of marketing, public relations, and social media) has a sleazy reputation that keeps getting sleazier, seasoned adman Richard Wise asks a thought-provoking question: What if working in this oft maligned industry could actually make you a better, happier human being?

Here is a stirring, thought provoking book about an improbable idea from an equally improbable writer whose first claim to fame was that he was the strategic spin doctor for the only advertising campaign ever denounced on prime-time television by the president of the United States of America.

You shouldn’t be ashamed to work in advertising you should revel in it. And by the end of the book, Richard Wise will have convinced you. Irreverent, profound, with a strong dose of optimism, humor, and common sense, this little book will entertain, inspire, and challenge you.


Hardcover — $19.95 — 9781635820331