The Joy of Love

Maybe you come from a happy family, a healthy family. Or maybe yours is a flawed family, a struggling family, a broken family. Maybe you’re scared to get married and have a family. No matter who you are, you are part of a family, and Pope Francis wrote this love letter to you. He addresses all the myriad realities of families today with compassion, hope, and encouragement.

Pope Francis sees marriage as a dynamic path to personal development and fulfillment. Instead of wasting energy worrying about our family struggles, we can find creative, transformative ways to offer truth, mercy, and hope to our loved ones. Love enables us to see, beyond all else, the great worth of a human being. With enthusiasm and joy, we can celebrate all that it means to be part of a family.


Hardcover — $19.95 — 9781942611851
Softcover — $8.95 — 9781942611868
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